10 Ways to Search Engine Optimize Your Marketing Videos – SEO for Video

//10 Ways to Search Engine Optimize Your Marketing Videos – SEO for Video

10 Ways to Search Engine Optimize Your Marketing Videos – SEO for Video

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Anyone who goes into online marketing should know how important search engine optimization is to achieving success. Properly used, SEO can push your website’s search results rankings up, increasing the chances of customers looking for your keywords finding their way to you. It is therefore important that the content on your site helps improve your search results and, as a result, promotes your business.  On the Net, video is king, and a good marketing video will always boost traffic to your site. But optimizing your video content will ensure you maximize the benefits from the medium. Here are some tips on how to do effective video SEO:


  1. Include your main keyword in the video’s title since search engines give the most weight to keywords that appear in URLs, titles and other prominent places in a page’s content. Plus, the video title becomes part of your URL.


  1. Choose a couple of primary keywords and include these in your script. This improves your organic SEO. Also, include your city or state with your keywords to attract “local” clientele.


  1. Relevance. Your video must be useful and relevant to your customers. If it isn’t, it may score high on search engines but end up essentially useless.


  1. Place a short-written summary that includes your primary keyword beneath your video when you upload it. The additional mention of the keyword could help increase conversions.


  1. Give your videos individual landing pages. This gives each video the prominence it deserves and frees viewers from the confusion multiple videos on a single page may cause. Even better, individual pages are easier for search engines to read.


  1. Spread the word … err, the visuals. Don’t keep your video only on your site. Increase the chances of customers seeing your content by sharing it on YouTube and your other social media assets.


  1. Include your main keyword in the meta description of your video when sharing it on other sites.


  1. Allow viewers to rate your video on YouTube. High ratings make your video more visible to search engines and might encourage viewers will share it.


  1. Make your video embeddable on other sites. This is very good SEO practice as it encourages sharing and makes it more likely for you to get relevant inbound links.


  1. An RSS feed for your videos lets your customers subscribe and be notified about new content. It also makes your site easier for search engines to index.


So, try out these 10 suggestions then watch your search rankings improves and, eventually, your revenues increase.


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