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Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs in 2019

Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs is by far the most powerful way to communicate everything you want to communicate to the world. It is also the most powerful way to influence, persuade, teach, or simply tell a story. For companies that do business Online, Video is the fastest way to get traffic to your website and to keep that traffic from bouncing away so quickly. So if you don’t have at least one video on your Home page that tells visitors the Who and the Whys of your company, you are missing an enormous opportunity for growth.

Video Marketing can dramatically increase your Online Marketing success by creating the type of content that people prefer to see, and as a result, Google prefers to show in Search results. Especially if you’re a local business. Google’s “My Business” will appear in search results for specific types of local businesses; Doctors, Lawyers, Automotive Services, etc. And if you have a video on your site to greet visitors and provide the kind of information they are looking for, then you will be a preferred supplier of those products and services in your community. It’s just a smart way to attract new customers, no matter what business you’re in.

The fact is that Millions of people, every day, are looking for answers to their problems on the Internet. Personal, professional, everyday problems that we all face. And it’s the companies that can provide quick and accurate answers to those problems that will benefit themselves and the people they serve first.

Imagine Having a Sales Person That Works 24/7

Imagine having someone to greet your potential customers day or night and give them a tour of your facilities, answer questions about your products, introduce them to people that are already your customers and have great things to say about you, invite them to call you, and so much more! That is what video can do for you. But, you ask, who’s going to actually take the time to watch my videos? The answers are in some of these amazing statistics. 62% of Americans prefer to watch Online videos, and YouTube currently averages 4 billion views per day! Statistics prove that people will watch your videos as long as you’re providing the answers to their problems. And given a choice between reading about someone’s products and services or actually watching a video, what would you choose? It’s the next best thing to a face to face meeting. And some may argue it’s even better because the face to face meeting has to be scheduled and eats up your time.

10 Benefits you will get from Video Marketing

  1. Show up higher in Search Engine results and increase your website’s traffic. And visitors will stay on your page longer, a very important factor for SEO.
  2. Create a sense of familiarity and trust with your prospective new customers.
  3. Efficiently be able to tell your story any time of the day or night.
  4. Create a sense in your prospective customers that you are THE Expert in your field.
  5. Come across as somewhat of a “celebrity” in your field.
  6. Convey emotions and unspoken signals that written text simply can’t.
  7. Reach a much wider audience than you ever could without it.
  8. Save enormous amounts of time and money in your marketing efforts.
  9. Gain a huge advantage over your competition.
  10. Through testimonials, be able to show happy clients telling others about why they prefer you over others that provide the same products and services.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from Video Marketing?

The short answer is that ANY type of business can benefit. But here is just a partial list of companies that are already taking advantage of, and greatly benefiting from Video Marketing.

Anyone in the medical field; Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Specialists of all types. Lawyers were some of the early adopters of Video Marketing and the ones that are doing it right have increased their practices by many multiples. Automotive services from Mechanic Shops to Auto Body to Detailing and so on. The Real Estate field is also an early adopter. They provide virtual tours, aerial surveys, agent introductions, and more. Other professional services such as Accountants, CPA’s, Fitness Coaches, Financial Consultants, Engineers, Managers, and so on. And of course, people that are in the Entertainment fields like Musicians, Singers, Actors, and the list goes on and on. Corporate video production has been around since its inception. We have created training videos, anniversary videos, in-house orientations, customer appreciation, public relations videos, and much more. If you don’t see your category listed here it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from Video. If your products or services need to be explained in any way in order to be sold, then obviously you should be using video.

What Types of Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs Should You be Creating?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. Of course, the types of videos you could make are only limited by your imagination. However, there are basic videos that everyone should start with. Think of them as your “bread and butter” videos, because without them you simply can’t take full advantage of the medium.

In another section of our site we get into our Common Procedures to create some of these videos, but here we just want to outline what these “bread and butter” videos are. Just bear in mind that no matter what type of videos you create, it’s important to engage and keep the viewer’s attention from the beginning. We can give you guidance on how to do just that in a FREE consultation. The idea is to get your message across and persuade the viewer that YOU are the expert they need. So, here’s a list of the must-have videos for your company.

The “About Me” Video

Similar to the first one, this video focuses on individuals. This one is especially good for Doctors, Lawyers, Personal Trainers, etc. People that work with people one on one. It’s important in this video to highlight who YOU are as a person. The “Why” you do what you do is most important here. Because people will not care as much about what you do as what motivates you to do it. This is where your personality shines through.

The “About Us” Video

The purpose of this video is to familiarize the viewer in a general way with who you are, why you do what you do, and how you do it. This video provides general information, but it’s important to remember that you need some degree of emotional impact. Some of the things you will want to show in this video are your staff, facilities, samples of your products, general demonstration of your services, and even you on-camera will make for a perfect “about us” video. If you make no other video, this is the one you can’t do without. It is usually in the under 2-minute range, although longer is not a bad thing if there’s enough important content to keep the viewer’s attention. This video makes a fantastic first impression and should provide enough information to open the doors for an in-person meeting.

The “Procedures and Practices” Videos

Do you find yourself explaining to customers how you carry out certain procedures in your business, practice, shop, over and over and over again? Or maybe your customer needs to know how to perform certain actions for themselves in order to gain full benefit from your products or services. Enter the “how to” video. And this one carries with it a double benefit. Because not only is it something you can feature on your website and provide enormous value to your customers, these videos can also go on your YouTube Channel (which everyone should have, by the way), and give you added exposure to the Billions of viewers that are already there, searching for the information you can provide.

The “Testimonial” Videos

Nothing is more persuasive than other people telling their friends about what you do. Ideally, you should have a simple to use camera handy at all times, even your smartphone, to captures an impromptu praise from a satisfied customer, patient, or client. More than any other type of video, even more than the “about me” video, this one packs an emotional punch like no other.

The “Frequently Asked Questions” Videos

This one is self-explanatory. If you already have this section in your website or brochures then why not create individual videos to answer those questions in a format that your customers prefer?

The “Digital Product” Videos

This type of video is not for everyone, but it’s important to mention it. If you’re an expert in a field that requires some form of teaching, then creating a digital product that you can sell or give away, that provides step by step instructions, will give great value to those you serve and even become a source of revenue for your company. Instructional Videos for coaches, teachers, trainers, etc. fall under this category. At Burn Media Group we specialize in creating this category of videos.

“Everything Else” Videos

The list is endless. Here you can include entertainment videos, company anniversary videos, in-house training videos, etc. We’ll just use a famous Walt Disney quote that applies perfectly: “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.”

So get out there, pick up a camera and do it! And if you need assistance just get hold of us here at Burn Media Group. We would love to help you succeed in your Video Marketing strategies. I hope you found this article, Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs in 2017 useful. Please comment and let us know what you think.

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